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  1. I have seen and heard people for years making disparaging remarks about JW's and it is very obvious you are both ignorant of the bible and abissmally' foolish for trying to pass yourself off as intelligent. I would venture to say you do not read the bible yourself, and yet you would have the audacity to condemn a religion or their bible which you've obviously never read from cover to cover. 293 views 10 likes Lol

    1. Then maybe you should pop over to my blog and read some of the true life stories of people who have managed to escape the cult known as Jehovah's Witnesses. As someone who is clearly so self righteous, may I suggest you read your own bible sir, particularly the parts about humility, respect for others, and other Christ-like qualities you clearly lack.

  2. Do something with this blog...please

  3. is there a such thing as automatic blogs with connection to your youtube or twitter or something? upload some of your relevant videos. Anything. I am sure you have plans for this blog. you publish the link. then people come and there is nothing there.

  4. Vera, I’m so happy that you made your way out of the ‘WatchTower’ – God bless you and your faith and journey. Since you are now a bible believing Christian, I’m wondering if you could please answer these questions:

    1) Where does it say in the bible that a Christian should use the bible ALONE for their Christian faith? (Where does the bible teach ‘Sola Scripture’?)

    2) Where does Christ ever refer to a book that will be used in the future as the sole basis of the Christian faith? Where does Christ promise Christianity a bible will be made at some future point?

    3) As a Christian that can interpret the bile for herself, how would you have practiced your Christian faith for the first 500 years of Christianity, since there was no bible to read?

    4) After the bible was bound and the books were put together, since bibles were so rare (no printing-press invented up until around the 1500's), what would you have done to get to know God?

    5) Up until about 200 years ago, the likelihood of you being able to read would be about 5% because most lay-people were illiterate, particularly, and sadly, women. So, once the bible was bound and being used AND the printing press was invented, how would you have read the bible?

    In short, as a bile believing Christian, how would you have practiced your faith for the first 1750 of Christianity?


    6) If we don't agree with one another on our interpretation of scripture and we have a disagreement on it, who is right? Where do we take our disagreement? (Especially if we belong to different denominations?)

    Again, God’s blessings upon you dear Sister for your journey deeper into our beautiful Faith and may the Heart of Christ and quest for Truth grow in you every day.

  5. PS - you may be interested in seeing the following video - God bless sister!

  6. Hi Vera. You need to develop your blog and add more material to it. Btw, You have very nice skin, I noticed on one of your videos.

  7. Hello Mrs. Vera I saw you video from 2011 in regards to racism in the kingdom halls. and the 144,000. it is very interesting you saw this deception I would like to share just some of my experience's as a ex JW. I was baptized in 1993 and left in 1997 no real reason to leave I just left in fact the night I left the local congregation had announced I was appointed to the position of ministers servant or deacon.

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  9. You're a beautiful woman, and I've been watching your videos for a while now but didn't have a YT account to comment.

    You've left out Islam and the Quran too easily without even investigating.

    Al=The, Lah(from ilah)=God. Allah=The God. The Creator. The First. The One. The Cause. Call him any. In Islam we don't have man-made names/images (blue krishna, zeus, thor etc) for The Creator. No Middle-Men (Priests, Jesus etc). Same Message from Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad "Worship The Creator not creation". There is no god but God.

    Quran (53:23):
    They are not but [mere] names you have named them - you and your forefathers - for which Allah has sent down no authority. They follow not except assumption and what [their] souls desire, and there has already come to them from their Lord guidance.

    Watch this on YT:
    SURAH AN NISA [full version] Recited by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais سورة النساء

    Islam in Focus (by Hammudah Abdal-Ati) (BOOK) if you're interested in investigating.

    Wish you all the best. And may God guide you. Ameen.

  10. I just happend on your you tube videos and at first I thought it was just another JW who had nothing but angry statements until I just listened. I was born in the JW in 1967 it was all I knew and I was completely engulfed. I went through the so called end of the world false prophecy of 1975. I was disfellowship about 20+ yrs ago and to this day my relationship with my family is strained. I could not and still cannot understand as to why they would chose this religion over flesh and blood. But in time I began to grow strong and was able to relieve my mind of all the brain washing that JW's are excellent at. I did some research after watching one of your you tube post on the name JEHOVAH. I went to a web page: and it confirmed what you stated. I was like ok...this is something that needs to be shared with people. In Hebrew, Je, Jeh, Jah, Yah means Lord or God.

    The suffix “HOVAH” is No. 1943 in Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary and has the meaning of “ruin, mischief.”

    It is another form of No. 1942, ‘HAVVAH’, which is translated “calamity, iniquity, mischief, mischievous (thing), naughtiness, naughty, noisome, perverse thing, substance, very wickedness.”

    Put the two (Je + hovah) together and you get “God of ruin, mischief, calamity, perversion, wickedness and noisome.

    Simply put, Jehovah is The God of Evil!

    I respect your decision to speak your mind although you have been marked by the organization. I hope that you will reply. I have many questions.

  11. Its nice to see your Blog I hope you keep writing Vera.

    Peace and Light.